Transients EP

by Rainfolder

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released January 1, 2013

Michal Sapir: Vocals, guitar, keyboard
Rob Sykes: Bass
James Turner: Drums

All songs written and produced by Michal Sapir
Drums recording and mixing: Felix Macintosh at Tigersonic Studio
Mastering: Chris McCormack, Blacklisted Mastering



all rights reserved


Rainfolder London, UK

Rainfolder is a shoegaze/
post-punk band based in London

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Track Name: Skinbrain

I sit and read your poems in dimly lit halls
Waiting for the programme to start
Secrets hide themselves under my cuticles
Thoughts intact

I am the girl who misses much
The skin is a windshield
And distance is one thing you can keep

Here you are
The skin breaks
As the lights go up on the stage
In the words your heartbeat
A metre-net on the page
Stay with me
The darkness
Ink seeping through at the edge
Hold my body
Like a fountain pen in your hands
Track Name: Metal Fatigue
Metal Fatigue

The last of the light
Dazzles your eyes
Forget what you’ve heard
Everyone lies
Have you lost your faith
Gone right till the end
You wanted the world
Now it breaks in your hands

There’s a buzz in your head
Like a radio dial
Close your eyes
Stay for a while
Paris Berlin
Tel Aviv Amsterdam
London New York
Run yourself down
Track Name: Oceanography

I found your black silk slip under my bedcovers
It was shimmering like an Orca whale
Looking for a last beach
Or the blue of my swimsuit
When it gets darker after a cold dip
In a swimming pool with too much chlorine in it

I stopped going to dance classes
After losing the old navigation book
Stolen from my black canvas bag
Unattended on Broadway
On a dry downtown day
And never returned to its proper shelf

The earth grows calluses
Around its liquid heart
They scraped the pictures
Out of the sky
But you can look straight
At the gritty showers of stars
Because you have an extra eyelash
In the inner corner of your eye

Won’t you come with me to New York now
To see the shapeless oceans of colour
Turning into familiar coastlines
In paintings of maps
Track Name: Slingshot

I don’t go out much anymore
The sky is full of sawdust stars
If you walk out the door
The splinters go right through your heart

I don’t go out much anymore
The world’s held up by tiny threads
If you breathe too hard
It all falls on your head

All that’s been lost
You’ll never know
You had it once
Now it’s all gone
Track Name: Glass

In the second year he’d had enough and left
The blueprints in his head were in a terrible mess
“I was so muddled up, my brain was in a haze
I would forget myself for entire days”

When he moved away he left himself behind
Shades of mental blocks darkening his mind
“I’m not much good at living in the past
You can see for miles through steel and glass”

So he built a house, helium-light
An empty cell, going up up up
“In the windowpane of a crystal sea
The old big ships are waiting for me”

As if the world went on forever, down down down down
Trying to remember, down down down down